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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Vanessa Wagner Earring InFine
2. Jukka Rintamaeki Spring Snow Van Drumpt
3. Glass Museum Swimming Trees Sdban Ultra
4. Maarten Vos & Nils Davidse Polypore Mylja Records
5. Leonie Pernet La 25eme heure, Nina InFine
6. Leonie Pernet 21h Les details InFine
7. E*Vax Rabindra Because Music
8. Tharjik Aurora Swirls Ecogrooves Music
9. Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle Lightning Loci Records
10. Mano Le Tough Snow On Bamboo Pampa Records
11. Philipp Chrome We We We Kofla Tapes
12. Edamame Samidare (Single Edit) Loci Records
13. Matthias Vogt Afraid Of The Future (Original Version) INFRACom!
14. Mabe Fratti Que me hace saber esto Unheard Of Hope
15. Defrag Event Hymen Records
16. Defrag The Lighthouse Hymen Records
17. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo Petrichor Electronic Architecture
18. Helm Para Dais
19. Helm Moskito Dais
20. Michelle Samba & Phil Mills Human Beings Without Legs YUKU
21. Maarten Vos & Nils Davidse Canopy Mylja Records
22. The Black Dog Corbusier: Five Points Dust Science Recordings
23. The Black Dog WD23 Dust Science Recordings
24. The Black Dog Lightroom Lies, Darkroom Doom Dust Science Recordings
25. Yamila Visions II Umor Rex
26. 1981us Fracture Harmonious Discord
27. 1981us Induction Harmonious Discord
28. Spectateur Only You Loci Records
29. Rival Consoles Pulses Of Information Erased Tapes
30. Delay Grounds I'd Like To See You Try Lapsus Records
31. Sassy 009 Ego Heart Ego Luft Recordings
32. Grottoes Straw Belle 8D Industries
33. Amotik Unsath Amotik
34. Tjor The New Generation Polari Records
35. Sassy 009 Blue Racecar Luft Recordings
36. Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle Motion (Album Version) Loci Records
37. Andrew Rothschild Royal Loci Records