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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Nils Frahm A Walking Embrace Erased Tapes
2. Penguin Cafe Chinstrap Erased Tapes
3. 3TM Contrail We Jazz Records
4. 3TM Woods We Jazz Records
5. Portico Quartet Double Helix Gondwana Records
6. Penguin Cafe Chapter Erased Tapes
7. Mount Kimbie Marilyn (feat. Micachu) (WXAXRXP Session) Warp Records
8. Thoma Dusking Loci Records
9. Still Moving Gift For Mathilda Lanquidity Records
10. Flying Lotus pres. INFINITY Infinitum Drips (Maida Vale Session) Warp Records
11. Still Moving Collide Construc Lanquidity Records
12. Thoma Depths Loci Records
13. Ralph Heidel & Homo Ludens The Flood Kryptox
14. Petter Eldh Byagz We Jazz Records
15. Petter Eldh Koma Tema We Jazz Records
16. Salomea Magnolia Tree Kryptox
17. Mopo Jauzaa We Jazz Records
18. Ilmiliekki Quartet Land Of Real Men We Jazz Records
19. Ilmiliekki Quartet Twisted Thistle We Jazz Records
20. Bowman Trio Mae en jaksa We Jazz Records
21. Terkel Norgaard with Ralph Alessi Nineteen We Jazz Records
22. Terkel Norgaard with Ralph Alessi Twelve We Jazz Records
23. OK:KO Kiipeli We Jazz Records
24. Natural Lateral Days With Amber Social Joy